•   over 10 years ago

Thinking outside the proverbial box...

Rather than designing social networking propaganda about the so-called "dangers" of distracted driving, lets consider the idea of proactively training people to be better drivers while distracted. I realize this is a profound and revolutionary idea, but as the old cliche goes, practice makes perfect. We could tackle a few areas with this initiative as well. I'm thinking something like this... We can set up a network of closed courses, actually why not just expand every drivers testing facility that is already in place to include a closed course training facility open to the public. Of course, we could require people to sign a disclaimer before using the practice facility to limit our liability. The facility would be open to the public specifically during foul weather so that the drivers can practice on adverse road conditions. They can also serve alcohol there and have breathalyzers available for trainees to determine exactly when they are "just under" the legal driving blood alcohol limit. This will provide a little adversity as well as give trainees the opportunity to get better at operating motor vehicles at higher BACs. Finally we can judge the pass/fail of the course on whether the trainee texts using proper grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. This will have the added bonus of combating the 133t text speak epidemic. (LOL) In all seriousness, the solution to any problem is proper training and repetition through practice not brainwashing, regulation and attempting to turn the world into a giant padded room for monkeys.


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