"Drive now ...Text later"

I have designed artwork about promoting the "dangers of vehicular distractions" while driving, aka “texting and cell phone abuse. It is a timely concept that could be an awakening need in our currently distracted society. Almost everyone at some time has communicated by cell phone from an automobile, but many motorists take advantage of this trendy contemporary convenience.

This aesthetic reality and art concept is a bit shocking, graphic and scary but it gets the point across most poignantly.

I am glad to forward these artworks to you for your feedback or anyone concerned who might be interested in using them in any campaigns. The dialogue is optional, but I have currently allocated the verbal text message to read "Hello" and "Drive now...Text Later!" The graphic messages are of the utmost importance! The art may be redesigned, changed or refined, but the initial gist of the meaning of “Danger In Traffic” is clear.

Try it out